"Yo soy una de cada cinco", el movimiento que busca crear conciencia sobre la salud mental de las madres
Salud de la madre

"Yo soy una de cada cinco", el movimiento que busca crear conciencia sobre la salud mental de las madres

De acuerdo con la Asociación Americana de Psicología, una de cada siete mujeres padece depresión postparto, y se estima que uno de cada cinco adultos en Estados Unidos experimenta alguna clase de problema de salud mental en el transcurso de un año. En Bebés y más hemos hablado anteriormente de la salud emocional de las madres y del fuerte impacto que puede tener la depresión postparto en ellas.

Y aunque cada día se hable más acerca de ello, aún hay muchas mujeres que lo ocultan y se sienten avergonzadas por tener depresión o ansiedad, debido al estigma que se tiene sobre esas enfermedades. Es por eso que un grupo de madres ha creado un movimiento en Instagram llamado #Iam1in5 (Yo soy una de cada cinco), en el que buscan romper con los estigmas de la ansiedad y depresión.

Mamá tiene depresión

Un estudio que compartimos hace tiempo revelaba que una de cada cinco madres recientes ocultaba que padecía depresión o ansiedad postparto. ¿Y sabes a qué se debe? A que se sienten juzgadas o criticadas por padecer un problema de salud mental siendo madres y a la falta de apoyo y empatía para tratar estos temas.

Como madre que ha padecido depresión y aún continúa luchando contra la ansiedad día con día, sé lo difícil que es hablar sobre este tema públicamente. Cuando nos convertimos en madres, muchas personas esperan que nos sintamos radiantes, llenas de energía y sobrepasadas con la alegría de tener a nuestro bebé. Pero a veces, no es así.

Yo soy una de cada cinco

El movimiento #Iam1in5 del que hablo hoy, es uno que comenzó Desiree Fortin, una madre bloguera que comenzó a luchar contra la depresión y ansiedad después de tener trillizos. En su cuenta de Instagram @thefortintrio, ella publicó una imagen en donde muestra los medicamentos que debe tomar y cuenta cómo comenzó la batalla contra sus problemas de salud mental.

Mental Health Loop Dear Anxiety, Do you remember the first time I even recognized your presence as a new Mom I remember it like it was yesterday. The triplets were just weeks old. They cried all the time. It was before we knew they had GERD and the sleep deprivation was ruining me. It was the middle of the night and our boys wouldnt stop crying. Do you remember yet Everything I knew to do to as a Mother to help them wasnt working. I cried so hard weeping with my babies, I dont know how to help you. That was the beginning of our journey together. Although I know you likely snuck your way in before that moment, that was the first time I saw how cruel you really can be. Weeks went by before I got help. Im sure you remember that. You used that time as an opportunity to breathe lies and fears into my heart. You stole my confidence and joy. I was afraid to take my newborns anywhere. You crippled me. You were the culprit to my ongoing panic attacks. I was in a depression and walking through a lonely postpartum season. It was hard, but I got help. I made a choice to change. I am 1 in 5. And its okay. I am on medication. And its okay. I a good mom. You cant take that away from me. I wont let you. Its been almost 3 years since you entered my life and I still have to face you daily. But you have never won. Lately, you have made your presence especially known in my being. I am in a tough season. However, perhaps you underestimated me. I will always choose to stand against you, stay healthy, and be strong for my family as I conquer the struggles you bring me. Anxiety, You are apart of my story. I never wanted you. I never asked for you. But God is using you to make my story beautiful, to reach the hearts of the hurting, to remind those that are 1 in 5 that they are not alone. Sincerely, #togetherwearestrong I cant even tell how I excited I am to share this new series with you. Many brave Moms are standing with me and sharing their #iam1in5 stories. Please continue the loop to @theashmoresblog This amazing mama is also taking over my page to share her beautiful and strong heart with you tomorrow. Tee @themomculture

"Yo soy una de cada cinco. Y está bien. Estoy tomando medicamentos. Y está bien. Soy una buena mamá. No puedes quitarme eso. No te lo permitiré", escribe Desiree en un mensaje dirigido a su ansiedad, que ha logrado controlar en los últimos tres años.

El propósito de este movimiento, al que se han unido otras mujeres, madres e incluso padres, es el visibilizar estas enfermedades y crear conciencia acerca de lo mucho que se sufre cuando se padecen, que suele ser en silencio.

Mental Health LoopSo I know my last couple posts have been a little heavy but I was asked to join this loop and I just couldnt pass it up because talking about mental health is so important. After my son was born I had pretty debilitating postpartum depression. Its sort of part of what I touched on in my last post . Its the craziest feeling to be so grateful for a life you created but to be so desperately sad and lonely. I ended up on a low dose of Zoloft and let me tell you- it saved me. Fast forward to after having the girls and its been an entirely different ball game. I had absolutely zero postpartum depression BUT my anxiety ramped up tremendously. Ive struggled my entire life with anxiety. I wasnt officially diagnosed with GAD until my second therapist. I never stuck out therapy, but I did learn things about myself. What a lot of people dont understand is that anxiety isnt solely feelings of stress. Sometimes anxiety is just there. The smallest of things can trigger a dump of emotions. Its like a domino effect. One minute Im in the happy zone, and the next Im ruminating in every little thing that could possibly go wrong in life. I find myself reverting back to old ways of forcing control over everything. When i feel overwhelmed by my thoughts I find myself focusing on one thing that I can control. For example, before I had any kids at all I was pretty fitness obsessed , but it wasnt all about being healthy. I found myself controlling every little thing from the calories I ate to the calories I burned and it never felt like enough. But you know what the worst part of anxiety is to me How selfish it makes me . Because when my brain is rapid firing all of these little negative thoughts - it means my attention isnt on anyone else . Im ashamed to say this even happened last night, Im still tearing Up about it. My husband is out of town and amidst the chaos of bedtime I completely forgot to feed Archer dinner. I apologized profusely and pulled him back out to eat dinner. Do you struggle Have you gotten help . . Please continue the loop to my sweet brave friend @katiemcrenshaw as she shares her mental health journey

"Quiero recordarle a las personas que no están solas en sus batallas de salud mental", comenta Desiree en entrevista para Scary Mommy. "La vulnerabilidad es algo que nos conecta como humanos y a veces eso significa hablar de las cosas difíciles, y la salud mental es una de ellas, pero también es liberador cuando lo haces".

Mental Health Loop Lets get real for a minute. Did you know that 1 in 5 people suffer from some type of mental illness Did you know that 1 in 7 women suffer from postpartum depression Up to 50% of individuals with PPD are never detected. Another fact most people probably dont know...suicide accounts for about 20% of postpartum deaths and is the second most common cause of mortality in postpartum women. . Ive always wanted to be vocal about my experience with this because its not talked about enough. It started for me after my second son. I dealt with the baby blues and that turned into postpartum depression and anxiety. Ive struggled with it from that point to now since having my babies. . Theres a stigma in our culture that needs to be torn down about these topics. I didnt know anything about this after having my first son. I had to really research since having symptoms after my second son to pinpoint what was happening to me. It wasnt normal and no one talked about it. . 1 in 7 women, yall The statistics are unbelievable. We cant afford to be ignorant on this topic. If youre struggling, mama, please know youre not alone. Reach out for help. Whether that be someone you know locally, someone professionally or a friend on social media. There is hope even when you cant see it. Know you are loved and worth it. Take care of yourself. . Those of you that dont struggle with this, chances are if you have friends or family, which you do, then you know someone who deals with this. They may not appear like theyre struggling. They may act like theyre strong but internally, theyre weary. Reach out if you have that inkling or have clues that this person might need you. You never know what a blessing you might could be to someone. . If youre #1in5, double tap this and drop a comment below Continue the loop and read about my friends mental health journey - @th3littlestavenger.

#i_am_enough_movement Somehow the second I became a Mother I already labeled myself as not enough. When the triplets were born I almost died. I didnt get to meet them for an entire day. I remember feeling like I wasnt enough, like I failed them because my first moments with them were through FaceTime. And then 3 months into their lives I made the decision to stop breastfeeding. I wasnt enough then either. It wasnt long until GERD kicked in. Not only did I feel incredibly helpless, but I felt inadequate as a Mother. I wasnt enough. My body has also changed dramatically. Sometimes I dont even feel comfortable in my own skin; the wrinkles, the sag. Ive even wondered, is my husband attracted to me anymore I am not enough. There was also the day my doctor diagnosed me with postpartum depression and anxiety and prescribed me medication to help me function day to day. That was a day I will never forget, a day when I truly felt like I wasnt enough. My daughter almost drowned this summer. I failed her. I didnt keep her safe. I wasnt enough then either. If only I could have seen that I have always been enough and I will always be enough. On the day I almost died delivering my babies, I brought 3 lives into this world. I am enough. On the day I chose to stop breastfeeding, I chose to feed my babies. I am enough. I felt helpless all those months my babies suffered with gerd, but I did everything I could to help them. I am enough. On the day I was diagnosed with PPD and anxiety, I made a choice to change, to be healthy for my family, to be a better me. I am enough. My body is different now. I brought life into this world and that is so beautiful. I am enough. My daughter almost drowned this summer, but she survived because I saved her. I am enough. It is very easy to twist our perspective as a Mother and see all our faults, but Mama, change what you see because I guarentee you are enough My dear friend @lizdean is also discussing how she discovered that she is enough too. Have you ever struggled with feeling like youre enough Share your story and be proud because You are enough too Tee @curlyqscounter #teamself

Comenzar a hablar de estos temas nunca será fácil para quien los padece, pues además de la poca comprensión que hay sobre ellos, muchas veces te dominan, ganándole a tu parte racional y haciéndote pensar que eres un fracaso o nadie podrá ayudarte.

Pero sí se puede. Sí hay luz al final del camino, y lo sé porque yo estuve ahí. La salud mental de las madres también es un tema que debe importarnos y que necesita tener un espacio en cada consulta médica antes, durante y después del embarazo.

Si tú conoces o sospechas de una madre o alguien cercano que tenga depresión, hay mucho que puedes hacer por ella. Acércate, pregúntale por ella y asegúrate de transmitirle tu empatía, dejándole en claro que no le juzgarás y que estás ahí para apoyarle.

Personalmente el movimiento que han iniciado estas madres me encanta porque, aunque no necesité medicación para tratar mi depresión, espero que ayude a sensibilizar la importancia de hablar de estos temas y pronto se empiece a ver un verdadero cambio en la atención hacia la salud mental de las madres.

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