La campaña viral que celebra con orgullo la belleza de los cuerpos en el postparto

La campaña viral que celebra con orgullo la belleza de los cuerpos en el postparto
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‘Body Proud Mums’ (Cuerpos de madres orgullosas) es el título de la campaña viral que Mothercare ha puesto en marcha en el Reino Unido que muestra, a través de diez imágenes de mujeres en ropa interior junto a sus bebés, la realidad del cuerpo de las madres después del parto.

Se ven estrías, barrigas abultadas y pechos hinchados, y se invita a ver la belleza natural de las mujeres que han sido madres. Mujeres que se sienten orgullosas de que en su cuerpo se vean reflejadas las señales de haber traído una vida al mundo.

Aceptar y amar el cuerpo del postparto

Antes del lanzamiento de la campaña, Mothercare encuestó a 1.500 madres, de las cuales el 80 por ciento dijo que se comparan con las celebridades y sienten la presión de "recuperarse" en su aspecto y volver a ser la misma que antes del embarazo.

Las diez mujeres que protagonizan la campaña fueron retratadas a las pocas semanas de dar a luz, con lo que se pretende concienciar sobre la importancia de aceptar y amar el cuerpo del postparto, además de visibilizar que las recuperaciones milagrosas después del parto no son una realidad tan común.

Los anuncios aparecen en más de 30 estaciones de metro en Londres, en pantallas LCD y paneles de escaleras mecánicas. Para este trabajo, Mothercare eligió a Sophie Mayanne, una fotógrafa de 25 años que se hizo conocida por una serie de retratos que hizo "Detrás de las cicatrices", que celebraba las marcas en cuerpos de víctimas de quemaduras, sobrevivientes de cáncer, amputados, etc.

Las fotos van acompañadas del texto "Hermosa, ¿no es así?"

#BodyProudMums  Sabra, 10 weeks after giving birth Having been a small size ALL MY LIFE with a flat belly and slim legs and arms, I did feel under pressure to bounce-back to my pre-birth body. Some people laughed at my new body and I felt insecure. I did feel embarrassed and I tried to hide my body. My back and down there still feels sore from time to time, my breasts look bigger and I have stretch marks on my thighs and stomach. I never expected to feel this way.  You never understand the changes your body goes through during and after pregnancy until you embark on this journey yourself. At first the changes are scary. Then I realised that the changes are normal. My body doesnt have to bounce-back to my pre-birth body as long as Im healthy. I realised my stretch marks are a sign of beauty and I learnt to accept myself. I am happy with the changes. And I am happy to share my scars with the rest of the world to show them that they are normal and beautiful. Flaunt that body with a smile and confidence

#BodyProudMums  Sophia, 39 weeks after giving birth Before giving birth I was very preoccupied with my figure I worked out a lot and I had very high expectations of myself. Throughout my pregnancy I was shocked at how much changed and it was hard to accept the changes. I had a healthy pregnancy, but it was hard. My belly was full term size at 6 months and it kept growing. I found it really hard to walk and I constantly had people stare in shock at my size. I even had strangers make comments on the size of my tummy. Since giving birth my body image has changed, and I am proud of my body for holding 2 babies. They were born at full term and no health issues. I dont mind having tummy wrinkles, its a small price to pay for these beautiful little girls.  To watch my babies grow and achieve their baby milestones inspires me to be healthy and happy and do my best for them not what social standards tell me I should be.

#BodyProudMums  Louise, 29 weeks after giving birth I wanted to do this partly for my own self-confidence, to help with acceptance of my scars and new life. Also, I wanted to bring some attention to post-natal disease and complications. Giving birth caused me to go into sudden liver failure, due to a rare pregnancy related disease. I had to have an emergency liver transplant and spent the first month of my daughters life in hospital in London away from her. My shape has changed since giving birth, my scar causes my stomach to be a little disfigured and I lost most of my muscles from being in the hospital bed so long. Sometimes my scar reminds me of the surgery and the difficult recovery I had in my daughters early months. However, its also a wonderful reminder of how generous other people can be, because without someones decision to donate organs I would not have survived to be here with my family now.

Nardy, 20 weeks after giving birth Being a Mum of six is a blessing and knowing how my body has changed in the last 7 years is really amazing in so many different ways. Hard work to grow a tiny human, and then going back to normal fulltime function deserves a celebration, and gratitude towards my body. So when I heard about the campaign I felt inspired to be a part of it, regardless I dont measure up to what society tells me should be the ideal. I feel people need to put less pressure on mums to go back to their previous bodies before the babies and worry about their overall health mentally, emotionally and physically, to live a fulfilling life in order to give love and care for the new life.  Im happy with my body, and only have an umbilical hernia that needs to be repaired due to my twin pregnancy, but other than that maybe I need to exercise when I get more time, as I need more energy to look after my six children. I dont feel different after giving birth I feel the same and feel happier even though I gained lots of weight afterwards. Its rewarding to be able to produce fruits and look after them #BodyProudMums

Tina, 27 weeks after giving birth I am not a fan of my new body. Before birth I was muscular and worked out a lot. Now I dont have time to work out and everything feels saggier I didnt expect to feel suddenly so old and droopy I know it will come back with time and dedication to exercise again, but right now all I want to do is cover up with baggy clothes.  Every day I feel pressure to bounce back. Society, social media, peoples comments all make you feel that way. All over social media it shows these perfect bodies saying theyve had children and now bounced back so quickly. I, myself remember being really surprised when Kate Middleton came out of the hospital holding Prince George. She had the baby bump, and I remember being surprised that your belly doesnt just go down after giving birth. I also thought how stupid I was to have ever thought it would. I guess pre children you just have unrealistic expectations. I also put pressure on myself to try and get my body back, but as I slowly transition into motherhood I am realising that its actually not that important, and I just need to be OK in my own skin rather than worrying about what everyone else thinks. @pac__hoorah #BodyProudMums

Another beautiful Mum @eleanorjaylo Eleanor, 14 weeks after giving birth The inspiration behind being part of this project is to show those around me that stretch marks and weight gain dont define us, that we should embrace our strength and beauty. I am a young mother with many influential people around me, and together we can see the beauty of motherhood.  I have always loved my body no matter what, and my friends would look up to me for that.  Pre-pregnancy, I had nice curves and my skin was smooth. During pregnancy my body changed dramatically, not just in weight but also my breasts and skin, in the ways that arent considered to be beautiful.  Ive seen people on social media bounce back significantly and speedily to their pre-pregnancy weight, so of course I feel the pressure to do so too. I have found it difficult to see my body in the same way, but as the days go by, I am a few steps closer. I didnt expect my body to change as much as it did, but I would most definitely do it all over again. #BodyProudMums

Next up is Tesha @mothercareuk We photographed 10 beautiful Mums in total, and the images will be rolling out across the TFL network on Monday. So if you see any, send me a photo As I don't actually go on the tube much anymore (Perks of driving...) Tesha, 26 weeks after giving birth I feel ok about my body, but I would be lying if I said I was 100% happy about the way it looks right now but that's more due to fitness than anything else. During pregnancy I adored my changing body. I loved my bump but did worry about how it would all change once I gave birth. Once I did give birth, I felt like my old body had died, my confidence was on the floor. I had endured my first operation of my life in order for my child to be born so I was scarred, my stomach was lined with angry looking stretch marks and my belly felt and looked like a popped balloon. I was devastated and didn't think I would feel that way at all. It took several months for me to even let my partner see me naked, I can't believe I felt so ashamed.  Now, Im learning that this is the new me now. My stretch marks are going nowhere and nor is my scar, they are reminders that without them I wouldn't have my son. I can always lose the excess weight, but for now. I'm too busy enjoying my boy. #BodyProudMums

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